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Bodymind and Eating



by Caspar Poyck

Yes, kale is healthy.

But there's no amount of kale you can possibly eat to off-set the damage you do to your health by stressing over kale.

Stop stressing, get nourished.

Digestive Psychology

Why do people with food sensitivities become allergic to more foods ?

Why do people who start dieting often yo-yo ?

Why do people who follow fad diets and cleanses end up with a never ending search ?


There is more to digestive health than just diet !

Stress affects blood pressure, anxiety creates inflammation, depression increases cortisol levels and so on.

Subconscious psychology and emotions affect our eating behavior as well as our organ functions.

Caspar Poyck

Creator of

Digestive Therapy 


Bodymind and Eating

Caspar teaches retreats in Europe, Costa Rica and the United States.


He is a renowned speaker at transformational festivals and is a proud facilitator and Ambassador for 

The Foundation for Living Beauty.

"Caspar provides the most tremendous gift of awakening, perspective, and LIFE. Without his lecture and words of truth, I very likely would be dead."
~Vera, survivor of stage 4 breast cancer with lesions in pelvis and spine.




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