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Corporate Teambuilding

Many corporations plan outings that include such things as ropes courses, trust falls, and game playing. Even those consume time, attention, and money. Worse yet, many participants find them to have no value; trust falls have become a frequently mocked, Dilbertesque symbol of managers’ wrongheaded attempts to create intimacy among employees.

Everyone understandably wants to build higher-performing, more cohesive teams, but there has to be a better way to do it. And now it seems there is. Researchers led by Kevin Kniffin, of Cornell University, say they’ve found a deceptively simple method: Encourage teams to eat together.

In their latest paper, Kniffin and his colleagues focused on firefighters who prepare and eat meals together during their shifts. The officers identified significant positive correlations between eating together and team performance. Cooperative behavior, for example, was considerably greater—about twice as high—among team members who ate with one another than among those who didn’t.

Harvard Business Review, December 2015

We all like Food Network shows and who wouldn't love to be an Iron Chef for the day ?

Instead of the stale old ropes course or other stock activities, we use the kitchen and cooking as the space for your team building experience.


Commercial kitchens are environments that combine the pressures of time, danger (knives, fire etc) and communication with creative expression, focus, attention and beauty.


All the elements that make YOUR business a success can be experimented with and practiced in the culinary arts.


Of course, the kitchen is the heart of every home and it's where every party eventually ends up.

In our Corporate Teambuilding events we facilitate communication techniques, intuition, creative confidence and trust. The pay-off is a delicious meal and a glass of wine shared with each other.


Let's talk about setting up a great experience for you and your team.

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